Your contacts at SHERA

Our experienced team is here to support you with extensive expertise and passion. From product support to customized solutions, we are here to understand and meet your needs

Jens Grill

Managing Director

Uwe Behning

purchasing manager

Jürgen Macke

Head of Export, Head of Production & Shipping

Phone:+49 5443 9933-121

Karola Grill-Lüdeker

Head of Corporate Communications, authorized signatory

Phone:+49 5443 99 33-118

Nils Scharmentke

Sales Manager Germany

Phone:+49 5443 9933-181

Kerstin van Anken

Head of human resources

Phone:+49 5443 9933-175

Martin Becker

Manager SheraClassic

Phone:+49 5443 9933-201

Guido Sieker

Manager SHERADigital

Phone:+49 5443 9933-191

Patrick Fröhling

Product Management

Carsten Hollmeyer

Logistics & Fleet Manager

Phone:+49 5443 9933-504