Excellent family-friendly - Shera Werkstoff-Technologie makes a start in the Diepholz district

For us, family-friendliness does not just mean that we can react quickly and flexibly in the event of private difficulties such as childcare/caring for a close relative and thus support our employees in their situation. SHERA has been officially recognized as a "family-friendly company" and offers unconventional solutions for employees in many areas such as working hours, a variety of part-time options, sabbaticals and home office. 

Certified as "excellent family-friendly", we have been since summer 2020 and were the first company in the Diepholz district to receive this seal at that time. The certification followed an evaluation process by the Bremen-based association "Impulsgeber Zukunft", which is now associated with the Rationalisierungs- und Innovationszentrum der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. (RKW). By the way, we had full marks at that time! 


Girl makes handprint with plaster of SHERA

When childcare is limited because appointments cannot be postponed, the youngest members of our staff can come to Shera with us. This is also the case with 10-year-old Summer, who likes to visit our dental technician colleague Kerstin Koksch and tinker with Shera products.
Family business and family-friendly - that goes together very well. We are all the more pleased about the "Excellent Family Friendly" seal, which we recently received as the first in the Diepholz district. The certification was awarded following an evaluation process by the Rationalisation and Innovation Centre of German Business (RKW) in Bremen. (RKW)in Bremen.
We are Excellent Family Friendly
Issues such as the compatibility of family and work, working time arrangements, physical and mental health and information services were among those put to the test. The Shera offers working time accounts, a wide range of part-time work, sabbaticals and home offices. If there are children to look after or relatives to look after, the company finds unbureaucratic solutions and helps "to get everything under one roof". An external consultant for psycho-social issues has been available to employees and their direct relatives for a year. In addition, Shera supports the health of its employees with company fitness, job bike leasing and moving breaks.
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In the certification process, we immediately received 36 of 36 possible points. A really good result, but the process should continue. A total of 18 milestones have been defined and will be tackled in the coming months.
With the seal, we don't just want to make ourselves more attractive as an employer. If everyone in our team can work in a relaxed manner, we are all more satisfied and productive. In order for this to succeed, it is not only the entrepreneurial framework conditions that are required. Anyone who is temporarily absent from the company as a member of the workforce must be able to rely not only on the understanding of superiors, but also on the team. Colleagues must then support each other, step in and stick together, just like in a family. Jens Grill emphasizes: "For us at Shera, being distinguished as family-friendly is not just a seal of approval. It is an expression of the fact that family-friendliness as part of the company culture is something that concerns everyone.