Design models with one click. Now also for orthodontic models.

Two new add-ons make SHERAeasy-model CAD software even more attractive

With the CAD software SHERAeasy-model, excellent dental models for 3D printing can be designed quickly and easily with just a few clicks. SHERAeasy-model also includes the patented die geometry SHERAprint-cone and many clever automatisms such as die recognition at the click of a mouse or the optimally created prep limits. This allows users to be twice as fast in designing sophisticated dental models compared to renowned CAD software. Two new add-ons for the full version of SHERAeasy-model have now been launched for IDS 2023: the "One Click" application and the application for orthodontic base models. This enables dental technicians and orthodontic professionals to design suitable models even faster.

The "One Click" add-on

It was already so fast with the model builder SHERAeasy-model... And now even faster? Yes, with the new "One Click" add-on to this CAD software, it only takes one click to design situ, counterbite and control models for dental technology.

One click and off to the 3D printer

The already fast handling with SHERAeasy-model has become unrivaled fast and even easier with the add-on "One-Click". Once the order details for the patient have been created, the printing material and model type selected, and the upper or lower jaw defined, it only takes one click and the program automatically creates the optimal design for situ, opposing bite and control models, which can then be produced on any 3D printer or sent to SHERA as a printing service via the software. There, the team prints perfect working bases for prosthetic or orthodontic restorations in "SHERA.The model.quality" within one working day.

Changes possible at any time

If the dental technician changes his mind and still wants to modify the model, this can be done effortlessly during the automatic design. Within the software, something can be changed or added to the model at any point in the automated process. According to the motto "Everything goes, nothing has to", the SHERAeasy-model user retains full control over the model design even with the "One Click" add-on.

Das Add-on „KFO“

And yet another add-on extends the functions of the SHERAeasy-model model builder. For orthodontic work, the new add-on for orthodontic bases is very interesting. This addition to SHERAeasy-model full simplifies the design of parametric model bases for orthodontics. If desired, the holders for the connectors of the orthodontic socket switches according to Dr. Hinz can be added to the designed models.

Jaw base and envelope fold automatically mapped

These further developments make sense especially in the orthodontic field. There, models are mainly needed for diagnostic evaluation and planning of corrections, for functional checks and archiving. The model of the individual jaw must depict not only the teeth and the alveolar ridge, but also the jaw base and the fold. This is quickly designed and prepared for printing with SHERAeasy-model.

Combine add-ons

Äußerst effizient ist es, besonders für KFO-Labore, beide neuen Add-ons und ihre Vorzüge zu kombinieren. Wer über, „One click“ und „KFO“ verfügt, designt innerhalb kürzester Zeit perfekte Modelle für die Kieferorthopädie. Zu Beginn lädt dafür der Designer die Scandaten ein, legt die Auftragsdetails zum Patienten an und bestimmt das Druckmaterial. Nach der Auswahl der Modellform „für Kieferorthopädie“ erfolgt im Vorschaufenster die Ausrichtung des Oberkiefers. Sie kann ohne Änderungen bestätigt oder bei Bedarf manuell korrigiert werden. Danach braucht es nur noch einen Klick, und das Design für den anschließenden Druck des KFO-Modells mit Sockel erfolgt automatisch.

Both add-ons are designed to complement the full version of the model builder SHERAeasy-model. They are available individually via the SHERA online store or as a combination package. The CAD software SHERAeasy-model full is also available as a rental version for testing and can be cancelled monthly. Tutorials for the software are available here.