SHERAeasy-model. Easy. But safe. The new model builder.

Now it's easy to design high-precision models for dental technology with the new SHERAeasy-model model builder. The software guides you safely, intuitively and quickly to your goal. Design perfect 3D print models for dental technology with ease.

Parking is harder

Rocket science? Not everyone can do that. Nor can parking, unfortunately. But designing 3D models for dental technology quickly and easily? A piece of cake. At least for those who choose SHERAeasy-model. The new model builder software guides you step by step through the workflow. SHERAeasy-model also includes the patented die geometry SHERAprint-cone and many clever automatisms such as die recognition at the click of a mouse or the optimally created prep limits. This allows users to be twice as fast compared to renowned CAD software.

New work & shortage of skilled workers

The intuitive user interface is not only suitable for CAD professionals, but also for newcomers and career changers. Thus, SHERAeasy-model makes modern and flexible work possible - in the lab or in the home office. In the race for employees, this can give a decisive advantage and make the job in work preparation more attractive. And the shortage of skilled workers? After a brief introduction, even employees who come from other industries and do not have in-depth training in dental technology can design models with SHERAeasy-model.

Free space for earning money

Creating models is not one of the top billing items for the laboratory. Blocking higher-paid dental technology professionals with time-consuming model fabrication is not economical. CAD experts can use their time better for the production of complex work. This increases turnover in the laboratory and is much more economical.

The gamechanger for the digital plaster kitchen

SHERAeasy-model is available in three versions. With "print" and "full", the dental laboratory brings the design of models back in-house. In just a few minutes, perfect model designs are created in the digital plaster kitchen, even for complex implant models. Afterwards, the data can be directly 3D printing service transferred to SHERA if there is no in-house printer in the lab to do the work.
The full version of SHERAeasy-model also offers the option of saving the model data locally, printing it yourself, adjusting your own parameters and storing model materials.


Easy. But safe. The new model builder.

Get started with SHERAeasy-model in digital dental technology and order our new model builder now in the Online store order. For more info on the software, tutorials on model design, system requirements and prices, here click here.