SHERAUNDER PRESSURE is easily compatible with all

SHERAUNDER PRESSURE verträgt sich einfach mit allen


Investment material for pressed ceramics also tested for 3D-printed objects

When dental technician Edda Rohrsdorfer gets her teeth into something, she never lets go. This was also the case with the SHERAUNDER-PRESSURE investment material for pressable ceramics. She wanted to know if this investment material would work with all commercially available components for pressable ceramics, especially the new printed copings and other objects made of 3D printed plastic. Edda is an application engineer at SHERA and has put her heart and a lot of working time into this development, testing SHERA's material for months. In all possible variations: SHERAUNDER-PRESSURE with all muffle systems available. SHERAUNDER PRESSURE in combination with all common ceramics. And then again criss-crossed with printed or wax-modeled objects. Sounds like a lot of work, and it was.

The result is that SHERAUNDER PRESSURE is something like an everybodys darling with Hercules muscles among the investment materials for pressable ceramics. Especially under pressure, the investment material remains super friendly to all parties involved on the way to perfect restorations made of pressed ceramics. SHERAUNDER PRESSURE is compatible with the entire range of base materials, e.g. with copings modeled or milled from wax, but also with all variants of printed copings made of plastic.

In the tests, SHERAUNDER PRESSURE had to prove itself in the muffle formers of IVOCLAR, YETI; DEKEMA, and many more. SHERAUNDER PRESSURE also withstands the pressing of up to 3 different shades in one operation wonderfully and remains stable. Of course, we don't have ALL the kilns available on the market in our lab, but at this point we asked our user-customers for their feedback. We were delighted that users in the wild were also pleased with dimensionally accurate results with smooth surfaces for crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays or press on.

After pressing, it takes about 10 minutes until the mass is completely blasted. Although the so hard. The tip: start with bright steel beads first in 110 My and then for the finish in 50 My at 2 bar each time, gently but quickly remove the rest. This pressure is sufficient to carefully expose the pressed object without endangering the ceramic surface or thin edge areas.





Since no one wants to have 1000 different mixing liquids standing around in the lab, we have matched SHERAUNDER-PRESSURE to our liquid according to the motto "One for All".

Like all investment materials from SHERA, this one is also to be adjusted with the SHERALIQUID. No additional storage space for another mixing liquid is required. If the work is to be larger or smaller, the compound can be precisely and finely controlled via the mixing ratio.

Thanks to its pure crystal structure, SHERAUNDER-PRESSURE is color-neutral to the ceramic and equally suitable for lithium disilicate as well as leucite ceramics. We think brilliantly done. Technicians can relax and embed with SHERAUNDER-PRESSURE: With a processing time of five minutes, the investment material flows evenly into the investment ring down to the last residue and very homogeneously encloses even the smallest details of the objects.

Perfect fits also resulted from the 3D-printed crowns, bridges, onlays and inlays made of pressable resin, which the SHERA dental technician had put through their paces. A sight that not only makes Edda very satisfied and happy.