The new CAD software for dental technology. 

Design high-precision models with just a few clicks.

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Years of development & experience
Highly motivated employees
Countries supplied worldwide
100 %
Pro dental technology
We are committed far beyond standards! We do research, give lectures & support!


SHERAUNDER PRESSURE is easily compatible with all

SHERAUNDER PRESSURE verträgt sich einfach mit allen Einbettmasse für Presskeramik auch für 3D-gedruckte Objekte getestetWenn sich Zahntechnikerin Edda Rohrsdorfer in etwas verbeißt, lässt sie nicht mehr locker. So war das auch bei der Einbettmasse für …

The digital workflow in dental technology

Berlin, Munich and Lemförde have seen red with SHERA Yes, we all know: dental technology has gone digital! The dental technology experts from SHERA were able to show just how much at three events so far in Berlin, Munich and most recently ...

Design models with one click. Now also for orthodontic models.

Two new add-ons make the SHERAeasy-model CAD software even more attractive With the SHERAeasy-model CAD software, excellent dental models for 3D printing can be designed quickly and easily with just a few clicks. SHERAeasy-model also includes the patented die geometry ...

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